I was clicking through the large shoe guide the other day when I stumbled over some fantastic shoes on Shoesissima. I was stunned. This was the same level of stunned as when Clarks suddenly and massively upped their game last year.

Properly nice shoes that go up to a 12, you say? Wearable heels? Flats with colour? HELLO!

I've never wanted to buy anything from Shoesissima before, too expensively dull, but their Missima summer collection is a cracker. And they're also selling some of the collection on ASOS, which makes the whole thing less specialist and a bit more "Oh I'll just buy these fit heels with this dress, thanks very much indeed."

One thing that has always exasperated me about many large shoe brands is their 1990s determination that everything has to be sensible: I loathe sensible, which is not the same as practical. Sensible has no joy about it and a worrying tendency towards sturdiness. I am a woman, not a cow in need of transportation.

The new Missima collection is practical, but it has style, colour, gold touches and a sense of anticipation about it as though it's gearing up for a brilliant party. The mid-heels are exactly right: that slightly ugly-pretty shoe thing going on, but there are also great flats,and stilettoes if you are the sort of magical witch woman who can walk in them without instantly attaching yourself to the nearest cobble (me. Always, always me.)

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