Big Shoes for Women

Shoesissima offer a range of stylish and fashionable size 8, size 9 and size 10 shoes for women. We specialise in Wide Shoes for Women and Big Shoes for Women.

Shoes in bigger sizes exist but they are often frumpy and often costly. A lot of you out there don’t care that those excessive platforms and wedges will make you taller – you just want to be able to get hold of the season’s vital looks.

In order to correctly measure your foot size, take two pieces of A4 paper and stick them together at their short edge. Tape the paper to the floor so that it doesn’t move. Place your left foot on the paper and draw around it keeping the pen as upright as possible. Replicate the above for your right foot. Now measure, in millimetres, both outlines from the middle of the back of the heel to the end of your big toe using a tape measure. Then do the same across the widest part of your foot - between the joints. (See diagram below).


We care about what sort of footwear you prefer – boots, shoes, sandals, what heel height is best if you are tall, whether width fittings are an issue for you.

We aim to cater for the wider and bigger foot with these wider shoes and bigger shoes that we offer on our website. We hope to have a large selection of Wide Shoes for Women so you are in comfort all day.

We have a commitment to quality and service and are here to help you in any way we can so get in touch with us and see how we can help with your query.

For Big Shoes for Women then here at Shoesissmia is the new place to keep up with the latest trends in fashion for your footwear.