The Missima shoe brand has been created for fashion-conscious shoe-shoppers with large ladies shoe sizes UK 8-12 (Eur 42-46; US 10-14). Here's what Isy B says about us

We are a team of London-based footwear professionals who have listened and acted! We had been hearing for years how hard it is to find fashionable shoes in larger sizes on the high street despite lots of evidence that womenís feet are have been getting larger each generation and continue to do so. When we first started in the industry several decades ago, the average womenís shoe size was a 5 and all shoes were sampled in a size 4. Now the average is a size 6 and the standard sample size is still a UK 4! It stands to reason that if the average size is growing, then the upper end of the scale is growing too. Not only that but the age of girls with bigger feet, is getting lower. We hear increasingly of girls in their early teens with size 8, 9 and even size 10 feet.

The problem has been exacerbated by another quirk in footwear buying. Back in the 1980ís and 1990ís, all the major retailers from M&S to Faith, Dune etc converted a European last size 41 as a UK 7 and a European last size 42 as a UK 8. Somewhere along the line, it was decided by many retailers and brands that a 41 would now be an 8. So not only have the buyers not adjusted their buying ratio to accommodate a changing customer size ratio (commonly even now, only one pair of size 8 is included in every 12 pairs bought and rarely do sizes go above a size 8), they have effectively reduced the dimensions of the size 8! This means that even if you are a UK 8, considered at the low end of our large size shoes scale, you will now be lucky to find a shoe you like still available and if it is, it may well be too small. And letís not even begin to talk about the treatment of ladies with size 9 feet and above! This is why many of you resort to on-line shopping and thatís why has been created. After researching an over-priced and under-supplied market, we created a brand that has fashion at its heart and at accessible prices. Itís a fact that large shoes are more expensive to make. It can take 3 whole square feet of leather to create a size 12 shoes for example and this eliminates certain skins such as kidskin that are simply too small to be utilized. Shoe factories like large production runs and although the large shoe sector is growing, it is a long way from generating the sort of volumes generated by the more standard size run of 3-8. So, factories charge a premium and thatís if they will make them at all as it is a specialized area that demands expertise and special components and equipment in many cases. Nonetheless, our ambition has been to keep our retail prices as low as possible. We invest a lot in our designs and production so we will never be the cheapest large shoes around but nor are we charging over £100 for a simple court.

Our Missima collection is designed by professional footwear designers, incorporating trends straight off the catwalk. You will find high quality contemporary shoes that anyone, regardless of shoe size, would be proud to wear.

This is who we are and what we do:

* Decades of experience in the footwear industry

* A dedicated footwear designer who has worked with