Size 12 Ladies Shoes

Slipper cut styling for footwear is really at the heart of fashion for this year and we have some of the greatest designs for all sizes including Womens Shoes Size 12.

Colours, beading, leather all combined to make a truly fantastic shoe that should be worn on every occasion whether out for a walk in jeans or out for a beautiful dinner these give any outfit that sparkle that every girl loves.

We have the perfect colour selections for you here at Shoesissima whether you are looking for the perfect office choice or maybe the ideal choice for additon to that new party outfit.

Is the Vintage look your choice of styling? The perfect choice for you would be the Beth - Leather Loafer in nude. This shouts out vintage style but brings shape and emphasis back with the stunning black outlines.

A bit more sparkle? Then the Barbara - Kid leather slipper cut with studs is all the excitement that any women would love to have gracing her feet.

Never has there been a collection like Shoesissima and with the choice of Size 12 Womens Shoes we have designed something specifically for you.