Womens Large Size Sandals

Shoesissima is an on-line store designing and making Womens Sandals for fashion-conscious women with feet, sizes 7-11. We at Shoesissima are a group of professionals who have built up years of experience in designing and developing footwear. We are dedicating that expertise to a new collection called 'Missima' catering specifically for larger sandal sizes.

We really don’t see why you should be deprived of all the sandals your friends are wearing just because you don’t fit a “standard” shoe size.

We are launching our summer 2012 collection and it is a range of limited edition gorgeous flat womens sandals and some selected wedges for the hot summer months.

Our sandals come in all different designs and colours so we hope we cater for all different people’s personalities and tastes.

Our aim is to have the widest selection of shoes and sandals and we want you to feel part of what we do: let us know what you would like to see in future seasons by getting in touch with us by filling in our feedback form. We can’t promise to include it all in one season but we do promise to read your input and will endeavour as quickly as possible to create a range that reflects your needs and we hope we are nearly there already.

We care about what sort of footwear you prefer – boots, shoes, sandals, what heel height is best if you are tall, whether width fittings are an issue for you.

We have a commitment to quality and service and are here to help you in any way we can so get in touch with us and see how we can help with your query.

For Womens Sandals then here at Shoesissmia is the new place to keep up with the latest trends in fashion for your footwear.